What inspires you? We’d like to create programming for all types of dancers, bodies, ages, and abilities. Work with us to design the program you’d like to see. Do you want to reach underserved boys and girls? Are you passionate about helping our region’s seniors? Would you like to expose disenfranchised families to high-quality performances in nearby cities? Bring your dance dreams to us and we’ll help you execute them. Here are just two ideas:

  • Scholarships: A perfect donor opportunity is to create a fund to pay for instruction and equipment for at-risk, underserved or disadvantaged youth for whom structured classes would be a benefit to their health   and self-esteem.
  • Wouldn’t it be so nice…..? To have the resources to hire transportation and buy tickets to special events , be it the Opera, the ballet, the civic Light Opera series, then fill the bus with young and old who crave such an opportunity?   A donor could create this fund.