Monica Petak, President

Mike D’Arrigo,

Edwina Voytko,

Denise Esch,

Maryann Ackman
Robert Fink
Kamal Gella
Harry Mangus
Karen Soliday
Sarah Teich
William Stasko
Philip Petak
Charles Voytko

Dr. Alan Teich


Eden Mishler Ihrig

Executive Artistic Director

Anita Lorek

Level 3 & 4 Instructor

Abby Hoffman

Level 3 & 4 Instructor

Sarah Orletsky

Senior Company Instructor

Samantha Stevanus

Senior Company Instructor

Maddy Barnes

Mommy & Me, Pre-Ballet, Level 1 & Level 2 Instructor

“Continually nurturing and wonderfully energetic, Artistic Director Carla Prucnal played a vital role in my success as a dancer choreographic, educator and entrepreneur.”
– Nicole M.
“Ballet was difficult for me; I was not a natural, but it became my outlet, where I met new people, new ideas and new art forms. A lot of my personal growth and discipline are a credit to working with Carla Prucnal.”
– Dr. D’Arcy D.
“Dance makes me happy, even when it’s difficult. I feel like I am full of energy. It has improved my coordination, balance, and endurance, memory and discipline. As a result, it has helped me academically as well as physically.”
– Lauren A.