We have a list of projects that will enhance all of Cambria City. These projects beautify and protect the historic building and its precious content – the dancers who inhabit it.

  • Adjoining Lot: 318 Broad Street(Purchased): Provide the means to acquire the vacant lot on the western side of DANCE WORKS.  The lot defines the DANCE WORKS building, and sets it apart.  Ownership offers the ability for additional lighting and ease of entrance on a permeable surface including designated handicapped parking.  The lot will provide an alternative and safe entrance into the DANCE WORKS Building.
  • Landscaped Garden: With the acquisition of the adjoining lot, you can have your name on an all-weather Garden, landscaped to create a Zen space, where trees and bushes will shield the lot and building from traffic cacophony.  The Garden creates a protective wall and focuses on an open space where one can take in the towering steeples of Cambria City, and perhaps engage in early morning Thai Chi.
  • The Dancers’ Mural: Within the Garden, there is a Plan for a tree or a mural which will showcase Dance, with the names of dancers from every age and genre.  The tree or mural will be the result of a competition to be launched in the Summer.  DANCE WORKS will work with the Youth Engagement group of Vision 2025 to determine the guidelines. A donor for this signature tree or mural would be responsible for the prize for the winning entry, plus materials to create the entity, and the installation costs.  The mural or tree will then be a fundraiser because the individual leaves or stars will be sold and then bear the donor’s name.
  • Lighting: Lighting rises to the top as one of the most important and distinctive assets of a building. Can you imagine a grand 3-story architecturally significant Walter Myton building with up and down lights?   It’s softness with safety; elegance without glare.  Lighting is a beacon and a necessity in finding a destination, and ushering you safely into a space.  With people of all ages coming to classes, workshops and activities, sufficient and attractive lighting is essential and enhancing for DANCE WORKS.   A lighting designer will be engaged to suggest the most effective, efficient but attracting system.
  • Signage: Nothing is kinder to a parent, a student or a visitor then seeing clearly readable and visible signage on a destination point!  The Johnstown Concert Ballet DANCE WORKS signage will be quite distinctive with the JCB dance logo, and the bold DANCE WORKS. Other WORKS venues in Cambria City ( BOTTLE WORKS and ART WORKS building)  will no doubt thank you since they are a block behind Broad Street.  People will know they are in the neighborhood of WORKS.
  • The Awning: One can describe the awning as iconic, and it is, in fact, traditional.  The green striped awning was part and parcel of the Hornick Sporting Goods store and the Board of Directors has opted to replace it, but replicate the look.  Only this time, the material will be stronger, braced for wind and unkind conditions and be able to signal visitors into the facility.