Help us create state-of-the-art studios for our ambitious programming, along with the amenities we need to use it effectively.

  • Foyer:  That First Impression: Imagine walking into the newly renovated Johnstown Concert Ballet DANCE WORKS and seeing your name in the foyer.  Truly, the facility and its use as a community asset is a dream come to fruition.    The foyer will be redone, taking care to expose the tinned ceiling, light it to its best advantage and install safe and attractive flooring.
  • Floors: While the flooring for Studio I will be financed by the students’ Wall of Fame donations, the Flooring for the remaining studios and rooms need to be addressed.  For dance, stretching and karate spaces, the flooring includes a sprung floor, of the highest possible quality.  This kind of floor prevents slipping, injury, is kind to one’s feet, ankles, legs, back, etc.
  • Mirrors: A Studio for dance must have mirrors; an integral part of the Dance student and teachers arsenal.   Providing those indispensable walls to reflect and reveal what is right, wrong, perfect, imperfect.  Mirrors are also a confidence-booster and approving eye.     Three rooms will need to have mirrors.  This naming opportunity can be divided in thirds, or what works for the serious donor.
  • Barres: Another absolutely integral part of not just dance but exercise areas are the barres.  The donor gift would include the materials, the fittings and the installation. Three studios/rooms are designed to have barres.  A donor may wish to divide the gift to designate one room in particular, and that is acceptable.
  • Conservatory Space: Outfitting a space for piano and voice classes requires acoustical materials.  This is monies well-spent when there are other activities happening in rooms on the same floor.  The Center does have a fine piano that can able used for these sessions.  Many vocalists and instrumental  players seek out places where they can rehears or have intensive classes.
  • Piano restoration and maintenance: The fine piano that was donated to the JCB DANCE WORKS does need conditioning, upgrading and tuning.  It may well be moved from Studio to Studio, so a maintenance plan will should be in place to have it tuned regularly and industrial wheels and apparatus should be installed on the piano to prevent damage.  Anyone who appreciates fine sound and a wonderfully ornate piano may be interested in this opportunity.
  • Fitness Lab: For stretching, karate and conditioning, this room should have wall mats for protection.  The mats are standard, and can easily be dis mantled stacked and placed in another room or floor. Youngsters hoping to join a wrestling team or would be athletes hoping to get a running start on the season would be candidates for the space.  This space will be be cost-prohibitive to outfit, but the assurances to parents, students and teachers cannot be minimized.
  • Dancers’ Changing Room: Getting in and about of toe or tap shoes shouldn’t be something that you would like to see dancers doing in bathrooms or public spaces.  By outfitting a dressing room with mirrors, and benches, the building becomes more efficient and functional.  This space/room is to be located near the dance studios.  It’s small, but it’s importance cannot be underestimated
  • Elevator: The critical and immediate need for DANCE WORKS is the balance of the monies needed for the elevator, and the construction of the shaft to accommodate it.  Having your name on this piece of equipment which creates ease and comfort for people is a very good thing!  It will be a tremendous gift to the School of the Ballet since costumes and props will be stored on the upper floor.  An elevator can wisk people to a private class or fitting with a seamstress. Partial funding has been received from the Community Initiatives Fund of the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.  Your donation would sit beside good company!
  • Windows: Another necessity for the renovation is new windows that fit into the historical context of the building and neighborhood.  Typical of the turn of the Century style, there are a significant number of windows and they should all match and have the capacity for entering light and keeping  out the elements  The sashes are also included in this naming opportunity.
  • Doors: These can be attractive and these can be practical, depending on the donors’ desires.  To walk through attractive doors in the front, on the sides of DANCE WORKS makes for a nice experience.  WE hope someone will opt to make that happen and have their name attached to those openings and closings.  Add to the list the critical garage door, in order to move big vehicles in to transport  costumes and sets to performance venues.
  • Electrical: A variety of electrical needs are available to the practical and generous donor.  The studios need ambient lighting with the capacity to be adjustable.  The classrooms and workrooms needs must suit the activities.  Rewiring and replacement are part and parcel of this necessary segment of the renovation.  Of course, all changes need to be in code and price cannot be spared for the sake of safety.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: To accommodate people of all ages doing everything from high-level energy to the more sedentary, a well-ventilated building, zoned so the heat and coolness can be adjusted according to the activities.  The upper floor will not need the more sophisticated zoning, but it is critical for the first floor.  Students and visitors are often turned off when a building is too hot, too cold, not properly ventilated.  We want to create the healthiest atmosphere through smart and efficient use of HVAC.
  • Plumbing: Another critical element is the bathrooms, all meeting current codes and requirements.  Being in Cambria City, the codes are stringent and construction must follow the law in building and equipping the bathrooms and providing handicapped fountains for visitors and staff.
  • Costume Storage: One upper floor will be dedicated to storing antique and relevant costumes that serve the school of the Ballet and probably 12 shows.  They are rented out for each production so they have to be cleaned, and put away under good conditions so they are in top shape for the next dancers.    Costs for the Storage opportunity include strong new racks and coverings, plus an automated revolving turntable to better access the costumes.